"Striperchum"is a term that has garnered several
definitions in the sport of fishing for
the striped bass. For some,
it's an art form. To others, it is a science constantly studied and
practiced. Yet, to others, it means simply sharing their favorite
(fishing for striped bass) with preferred company.
To one striper fisherman (or woman)
striperchum may represent a batch of freshly chopped up
bunker, mackerel, blueback herring or other oily, bloody fish scraps to be thrown overboard or
dispersed from mesh or perforated containers around one's fishing perimeter, with
hopes of creating a trail of scent to stimulate hungry stripers into a feeding frenzy.
To another rockfish angler it may be canned cat food or fresh chicken livers used in place
of fish scraps, due to their strong scent and nominal expense.
Yet, to most veteran striper anglers, it means spending time and adventures with a companion
or two. Serious striper fishermen seem to have an intangible, though admirable bond with each
other. They share tactics, share equipment, share stories, pictures, bait, food and may even
share a honey-hole or two.
For us here at
Striperchum.com it means all of the above . . . and more . . .(like,  . . . to us it
could even mean our dog, Baxter . . . the ultimate fishing companion)  . . . . it's a veritable 'play
on words' if you will!
***However, no matter what this term means to you or any other obsessive 'stripah luvah', its
legendary track record of bringing success and abounding joy to all involved, should never be

Here are some new "Striperchums" who've shared their knowledge
with             Ziffy for that edge on yet another Trophy Stripah!!!
Experienced "striperchums" spread the chum . . . . and
chum around often !!!
Rich Johnson
The Fishing Line,  East Atlantic Beach, N.J.
Radio, T.V., Internet!
Can you say E-n-c-y-c-l-o-p-e-d-i-a???
Bobby Uhrig
President - Mega Strike Fishing
Told me about the promising new
Saltwater "Shakey Head" Jigheads
coming out in the near future!
If they work in saltwater as they do
in freshwater . . . watch out!!
*Mimics bottom-feeding bait!
Especially Sand Eels for Stripers!

Capt. Greg Dubrule
Blackhawk II Charters,  Niantic, CT.
Generously offered useful hints when night fishing for
Capt. Joe Mattioli
On The Bite Charters
Staten, Island, N.Y.
This guy knows striper fishin' !!!
Ziffy going over new N.Y. fishing regulations with two
Dept. of Environmental Conservation Officers
Capt. Rich Sisstack
Shore Catch Guide Service
Cliffwood, N.J.
(Enlightened me on St. Croix Rods!!)
Leah and Baxter - Dependable Striperchums!
Ivo Coia
CEO - CFO Thundermist Lure Co., Niagara Falls
Ivo inspired Ziffy to develop the
"Sidewinder - Viper Spoon" Combo!
Watch for the How-To video of this deadly technique
coming to Striperchum.com in 2010!!!

Ever have a
Sidewinder & Viper bite at the same time??
Chris Megan (Left)
Publisher- On The Water Magazine
Check this magazine out!  - Awesome!!! -
"Pass me the chum, ole' chummy , chum, chum!"