(Morone Chrysops x Morone Saxatilis)
Hybridization of the striped bass(Morone Saxatilis) with the white bass(Morone Chrysops) was first             
introduced in the late 1980's due to the hybrid being found better suited for culture in ponds than either       
parent species because they are more resilient to extremes of temperature and to low dissolved oxygen.     
When the eggs of a striped bass are fertilized with the sperm of a white bass, the result is known as a
Palmetto Bass. When the eggs of a white bass are fertilized with the sperm of a striped bass, the result is     
known as a
Sunshine Bass. The Sunshine Bass is more preferred by most Aquaculture outfits, (meant for     
human consumption) where the
Palmetto Bass is often preferred as a gamefish. Both combinations are        
also referred to as
wipers or hybes.
The hybrid bass can be distinguished from the striped bass by its multiple broken horizontal stripes rather   
than solid stripes on the body.   The fish has two dorsal fins, a spinous dorsal fin near the center of the          
body contains 8-9 spines and a soft-rayed fin behind that contains 1 spine and 13-14 rays. The two dorsal    
fins are not connected by a membrane. The caudal fin is forked and the two lobes are pointed. The anal       
fin  has three spines and 9-13 soft rays.   
Hybrid striped bass are stocked into a variety of water types for sport-fishing purposes. They seem to thrive in slow               
moving streams, ponds, lakes and
large reservoirs. These fish are generally most active at dawn or dusk periods of the         
day (low light). The hybrid bass grows quite rapidly in its early years. As the "
wiper" grows, it begins to feed on baitfish        
such as gizzard and threadfin shad. They will feed on insects and other fish species however, and Ziffy has even caught        
them on fresh chicken livers down on Braunig and Calavaras lakes in southwestern Texas.
The hybrid striped bass is fertile and produces eggs and sperm in the Spring. Like the striped bass, a few males                    
accompany the female to the surface in 3-5 feet of water in an area containing rocky shoals. The males bump into the           
females, stimulating egg release. The eggs  are then fertilized immediately by the males. The eggs remain buoyant until         
they hatch within 2-3 days time. The water temperature is between 65 - 68 degrees F. at this time.
White Bass
Striped Bass

The world record Hybrid Striped bass was caught by Jerald C. Shaum,
                                                       Shirley, Arkansas -  Location: Greers Ferry Lake
                                                       27lb 5oz. 4/24/97
Hybe caught on chicken livers by Ziffy
in     Southwestern Texas.


Hybrid Striped Bass