is the brainchild of an obsessed band of avid Striped Bass fishermen
residing in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. For years we have had the great fortune of
being able to stalk the "Striper" in near-by saltwater locations such as Connecticut, the Jersey Shore,
Rhode Island, Cape Cod-Mass. and of course Fire Island and Montauk Point, N.Y.

Though these aforementioned areas produce some wonderful bass, we here at
would all much rather catch these fierce-fighting monsters in
fresh water (namely the Lower Hudson
River) when
the Striped Bass makes its annual Springtime migration into brackish water to spawn.
Nothing can match the exhilaration of wrestling a 40+ lber on a shallow, freshwater river flat on bait
that you caught yourself, or on a rig or jig that you made yourself! . . . oh, . . .yes there is, . . . doing
it at night !!!
Our hope is that others admitting  to having "stripah feevah" throughout most of each year will visit this
site and join the many other
"striperchums" that yearn to experience more of the wonders surrounding
this formidable opponent.
This website is -
"Everything Striper!"

Tuh see maw examples of "Stripahs" us New Yawkahs have hahvested from the Lowah Hudson Rivah in
past yeeuz, . . . .  go to the
Fishahman's  Fotofix!

Experienced "Striperchums" spread the chum . . . .and chum around
often !!!
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