Striper Fishing Tips
Hudson River, N.Y.

Tip: (our absolute # 1!)
Fish the out-going (ebb) tide  with live bait, getting it just off bottom - just upstream of
structure, a point, a hump, a culvert or a feeder creek into the river . . . . at night if
possible (Clear & moonlit is preferable).
The outgoing tide will bring bait fish (herring) out of the gradually
receding shallows into deeper water. The Stripahs will be just outside of this
area, or hiding out of the major current (behind a point, hump or structure) waiting to
ambush them or make their next thrust northward. They are predominantly nocturnal
feeders.(They can
feel and smell herring!)
Sharpen your hooks and bend the barbs down
Sharp hooks penetrate better and bending or filing off the barb ensures easier removal,
allowing for healthier fish release.
Get the bait down to where the fish are holding.
Two anglers fishing the same area with the same bait may have different results due to
one not getting his bait within close proximity of the fish. Fish the outskirts of a school or
just above or below it. (The cows usually travel within the lowest layer of the school close
to bottom!)
Use bright colored lures (Firetiger) on cloudy days or in stained water, and darker colors
on bright days or in clear water.
Stripers consistently hit bright colored (fluorescent orange, chartreuse ) lures in the
usually stained waters that each Spring brings. The melting ice sends down a lot of dirt
into the river from the Catskills. If it is REALLY stained (Chocolate milkshake). . . . we stay
home. The motion of the lure is paramount to color!

Find a spot away from noisy weekend boat traffic.
Many 'weekend warriors' prefer to troll and do not seem to have much regard for other
anglers like a true "
striperchum" would. They constantly buzz to-and-fro, yelling
conversation to each other and inevitably venture too close to others (even if others are
fighting a fish at the time!) Stripers spook just as any fish would sensing a billion decibels
of yelling, laughing, trolling motors, and the whine of downrigger cables! SHHH . . .QUIET
There's plenty of river to go around.
Don't always stay in the same spots (even if they produced in the past)
Rockfish are roamers, they are known to move around, sometimes miles away from where
they last ate. They tend to gorge themselves, then do not eat until their stomachs are
empty again.
If the wind is blowing very heavily, don't leave the dock.
We have never heard of many anglers doing well on the Hudson in very
windy conditions. Even if you catch a fish or two, it may not be
worth the abuse you will most likely experience. Fishing contest
results are historically lower on very windy days on the Hudson as well.
Fish slow water adjacent to fast eddies, and just behind the tiers (or feet) of bridge
Bait fish will school or get caught up in the calm pools near eddies and stripers will often
be found there lurking for prey or they will use the bridge towers as a current break to
rest out of the force of the tide. These towers are usually surrounded by
rock piles as
well, (areas
rock-fish prefer.)
Get out often and don't be afraid to experiment
It was through experimentation that we here at had developed the rigs,
livewells, strategies and 'chum' systems that have proven so successful for us.
Big Spring rains can drastically alter striper habits for days.
Did we mention chocolate milkshake? . . . we stay home!
Replace washed out bait often.
With the striper's keen sense of smell . . . . they simply know the difference (we hate
finicky eaters too!)
Be at the right place at the right time!
No matter what technique one uses, nothing replaces "striperchum predestination"!
Do your research, read the water and conditions, put in some time . . . and it is bound to
be yours. Most importantly, be a "
stiperchum" not a 'weekend warrior' on each outing.
Striperchums" tend to catch the biggest and best payloads . . . wonder why???
Immediately release any fish you do not plan to keep.
It is the right thing to do to sustain our fishery!
Experienced "striperchums" spread the chum . . . . .and chum around often!!
See chum or "striperchum" pages!
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